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MICAS ON "STEROIDS"!! Magicals are a unique product containing a powdered pigment stain that activates with water, with a burst of mica shimmer for ooomph!! Check out the video below for a demonstration. Also, here's a fantastic tip from one of our wonderful customers, Lin Stevenson - One of the techniques to use on wet shimmer is dabbing with crumpled copy paper, but that soaks up a lot of the shimmer. So use screwed up cling-film instead - it makes lots of little pools that give a hammered effect. Or, lay cling film over wet shimmer and pull it into creases - looks like veins in marble. I love this stuff!! This collection includes: Bachelor Button Blue Bells of Ireland Green Mission Bells Brown Peony Scarlet Red Yellow Rose of Texas Each pot contains a combination of our beautiful micas, a specialized powdered painting stain system and a fixative, (so they are an all-in-one product) that is acid-free. The combination of the mica and the painting stains give them that amazingly vibrant look, but still have our signature two-toned look. These are truely MAGICAL! Please note: Dry product does not represent the actual color, you must add water to activate the rich, vibrant color of the magical.