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Amodex was originally formulated in 1958 to remove inks, dye and other troublesome stains from hands. Lab tests and customer feedback indicated that Amodex Hand Cleaner was equally effective removing stains from fabrics. In the early 70’s, Amodex Hand Cleaner became Amodex Stain Remover for Hands & Craft; Fabrics. The range of uses expanded to include everyday household stains such as food (mustard, chocolate, ketchup, wine, tomato sauce, salad dressing, etc.) blood, grease, grass, lipstick and more. Recognized in the early 90’s as the world’s stain remover for all inks including permanent and whiteboard marker such as Sharpie® and Marks-a-Lot® and Expo®, the product was renamed Amodex Ink & Craft; Stain Remover. Its unique cream formula is non-toxic and safe to use on fabrics, upholstery, carpeting, and even skin. Amodex stains from antique linen, machine oil, baby formula and liquid medicine from children’s clothes, permanent marker from CD’s and DVD’s and more.. Amodex is completely solvent free, it contains no bleaching or abrasive agents and is non-toxic. We have tested Amodex on craft inks and can confirm that it removes both Archival and even Stazon Ink from fabric, skin, carpet, laminate flooring, paintwork and lots more.  This product is the perfect go-to for any crafter to help tidy up after those little 'crafty accidents' This Amodex bundle includes: 4oz bottle of Amodex solution - it goes a long way! 5 x Swipes - wipes saturated with Amodex stain-fighting formula. Ideal for home, office, car, and travel. A stain removal solution for when you're on-the-go cleaning brush full instructions leaflet